Star Trek White Phaser and Medical Tricorder

Star Trek White Phaser and Medical Tricorder

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  • Shoot first, and talk later!
  • You get both Dr. McCoy's Medical Tricorder and a phaser in this fantastic set!
  • Just like the props from the original series… only better!
  • Get ready for the ultimate Star Trek adventure!
  • Medical Tricorder speaks 7 phrases from the TV show.
  • Phaser has an exclusive white handle and detachable mini hand phaser.

    "Enterprise, this is Kirk." Get ready for the ultimate Star Trek adventure with this Star Trek Original Series Classic White Phaser and Medical Tricorder set! The 1:1 replica of the White Handle Phaser Pistol features authentic sounds and light effects with adjustable power settings! The Phaser also features a two-in-one design allowing you to remove the Type 1 phaser from the pistol grip! Window box packaging.

    With sound effects and clips from the groundbreaking sci-fi series, each of these limited edition collectibles features audio from the classic episodes and deluxe window-box packaging. The Medical Tricorder is the ultimate replica for any fan, collector, or 23rd-century physician. Not only does the case open to reveal the detailed interior, but this deluxe version also includes a compartment with a removable scanner accessory with sounds and motion that you won't find anywhere else! The Medical Tricorder features blinking lights, a spinning scanner, light-up elements, and an adjustable shoulder strap. All doors open and close.

    This Medical Tricorder includes 7 electronic phrases from Dr. McCoy that you won't find anywhere else! They include:

  • "Shock, radiation burns... internal injuries for certain."
  • "This is medically impossible!"
  • "Some heart flutter. Better risk a few drops of cordrazine."
  • "Respiration normal; blood pressure normal."
  • "He's in perfect health."
  • "He's dead, Jim." 
  • "I'm a Doctor, not a brick layer!"
  • Collector's Notes: 

    • To activate the Tricorder's lights and sounds and hear all the electronic phrases, the machine must be in "play" mode. To accomplish this, open the battery compartment and move the switch from "Try Me" to "Play."
    • The instruction manual for this item contains an error. Pushing the button on the removable scanner should activate the sound, but turning the thumbnail wheel is required to make the sensor spin. Please try that and see if that handles it for you.