USS Saratoga NCC-31911 Model
USS Saratoga NCC-31911 Magazine #91
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Star Trek USS Saratoga NCC-31911 Model with Magazine #91 by Eaglemoss

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This ship has been painstakingly recreated in die-cast and plastic materials then hand painted with an incredible level of detail. The vehicle also comes with a full color collector magazine. Vehicle measures approximately 5 inches long x 3 inches wide x 2 inches tall (mounted on base).

The USS Saratoga (NCC-31911) was a 24th century Federation Miranda-class starship operated by Starfleet. Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko served as the vessel's first officer during the mid-2360s.

In 2367, the Saratoga was part of a fleet of forty starships massed at Wolf 359 in defense of Sector 001 during an incursion by a Borg cube.

During the battle, the cube locked the Saratoga in a tractor beam, draining her shields until they eventually failed. The Borg then fired a cutting beam at the Saratoga, scoring a direct hit on decks 1 through 4 as well as causing devastating damage. Most notably, the warp core suffered heavy damage that would lead to antimatter containment failure. Although some crewmembers and civilians escaped in escape pods, many died, including the Saratoga's captain. Commander Sisko escaped with his son Jake, but his wife Jennifer perished during the attack. The ship was ultimately destroyed by a Borg cutting beam in combination with a warp core breach.

The fully illustrated magazine includes details on the Saratoga and the Sisko family.

The collection features a full range of Federation and alien vessels including seven incarnations of the Enterprise; all the major Klingon vessels including the Bird-of-Prey; Dominion; Borg; and Romulan ships and is slated to include about 130 ships in total.