Star Trek TOS Phaser Gold Handle

Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser (White Handle) - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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Stun your family and friends! Well at least impress them with this white handled TOS phaser.  Just like the original design, the phaser comes with a removable Type 1 mini hand phaser that detaches from the Type 2 pistol. Modeled after the original screen-used props, this phaser is a full-scale reproduction.

It has sounds, lights, adjustable power settings to make it look and sound just like the real thing. Unfortunately (of fortunately for your foes), it does not actually come loaded and will not actually vaporize anything.  But we hear they are working on an upgrade so we will keep you posted!

Measures 9 1/2-inches long x 9 1/2-inches tall x 3-inches wide. To activate the sound, you must remove the plastic display tab and turn on the hand-phaser. This is done by clicking the far right dial forward toward the front of the pistol.

According to those that study the details of why the phasers had different handle colors, the consensus seems to be centered around two thoughts: (1) the production team was trying different colors to see what looked good on screen.  Remember the rest of the set was fairly vibrant in color, with the multiple colors for the uniforms, the multiple blinking lights and screens on the bridge, and so on. So the phasers had to look like they belonged in that colorful world but also look serious and deadly since they were after all, weapons. And (2) the idea was once floated about that the handles were the power packs for the weapons.  The handle could just be removed and replaced with a full charged pack as needed.  Think of an ammo clip for a modern day 9 mm handgun. Same concept, however, that action never made it on screen so we as fans never saw it.

Please note: As these are old new stock, they will require new batteries.