Star Trek Space Seed Mug

Star Trek Space Seed Mug

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Celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary in perfectly refined style. This 50th Anniversary mug features Dave Merrell’s 50th Anniversary Art piece "Space Seed". Start every day with your coffee this way and you’re certain to be prepared for any adventures you encounter along your day’s mission.

This is a must have for Star Trek fans! The 11 oz. mug measures about 3 3/4-inches tall x 3 1/4-inches in diameter. Do not microwave. Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe. 

About the Artist

Dave Merrell is a U.K.-based artist, illustrator and graphic designer whose work reflects personal nostalgia and emotion. He has produced work for clients across the globe, including ESPN, Nike, Nivea Men and Adidas, among others.

Merrell cites as inspirations such figures as Marcel Duchamp, Alex Ross and Drew Struzan. He has a passion for football, movies, comic books and videogames. In a recent interview he offered the following advice to aspiring artists: “Never give up, never listen to the word ‘no,’ always try to learn from success and the mistakes and never be afraid to try something new. History was never made by following rules.”

He lives in Manchester, U.K.

In creating your artwork for the exhibition, what was your inspiration? 

One of my inspirations is Drew Struzan’s poster work. I wanted to take my fragmental style to another level by merging some of his techniques with my own. There were a couple of concepts I submitted. One was the chosen “Space Seed” and the other featured all five captains spanning the Star Trek series’ timeline.

Discuss your angular approach to the piece – both in the fine details and the larger landscape.

The angular ‘fragmental’ approach is my signature style. I am used to producing sports illustrations, whether it’s football, rugby, baseball, etc. This project has given me a fantastic platform to venture into other genres, traveling strange new lands, boldy going where I’ve not gone before...

What is your favorite Star Trek series? 

Favorite series would be a tough decision between The Original Series and The Next Generation. Both had such iconic characters and quotes – that could be re-used in everyday conversations ... ha ... is that too geeky?

How quickly/easily, or not, did your concept come to you? And how long did it take from start to finish to complete the piece?

If you want a piece of artwork you’re proud of, nothing is ever quick and easy – you just have to choose the best route/technique for yourself to use which produces the best results. With procrastination taken out of the equation, the final piece took around three weeks to produce (including scamps and ideas).