Star Trek USS Rhode Island NCC-72701 Model with Magazine #98 by Eaglemoss

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Star Trek USS Rhode Island NCC-72701 Model with Magazine #98 by Eaglemoss

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USS Rhode Island NCC-72701 Model with Magazine #98


This ship has been painstakingly recreated in die-cast and plastic materials then hand painted with an incredible level of detail. The vehicle also comes with a full color collector magazine. Vehicle measures approximately 5-1/2 inches long x 2-1/8 inches wide x 2-1/2 inches tall (mounted on base).

The USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701) was a 25th century refit Nova-class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in an alternate timeline.

Even though the original Nova-class from the 2370s was limited to a maximum warp factor of 8 and was considered a planetary research vessel, the Rhode Island was designed for long term deep space assignments.

The Rhode Island was commanded by Captain Harry Kim, and assigned to a four-year exploration mission. In 2404, the Rhode Island defended Admiral Janeway's shuttlecraft when it came under attack by two Klingon Negh'var warships. (VOY: "Endgame")

The fully illustrated magazine includes details on the USS Rhode Island's design and specifications as well as an inside look at "Unimatrix Zero"

The collection features a full range of Federation and alien vessels including seven incarnations of the Enterprise; all the major Klingon vessels including the Bird-of-Prey; Dominion; Borg; and Romulan ships and is slated to include about 130 ships in total.


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