Star Trek USS Dauntless NX-01-A with Collectible Magazine #17 by Eaglemoss

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Star Trek USS Dauntless NX-01-A with Collectible Magazine #17 by Eaglemoss

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USS Dauntless NX-01-A with collectible magazine issue #17.


This ship has been painstakingly recreated in die-cast and plastic materials then hand painted with an incredible level of detail. The vehicle also comes with a full color collector magazine. Vehicle measures approximately 5-inches long x 3 1/2-inches wide x 2-inches tall.

In the episode "Hope and Fear" during the fourth season of Star Trek Voyager, we meet Arturis, a male member of a species known only by its Borg designation, Species 116. While seeming to be helping the Voyager crew with an undecipherable message from Starfleet, Arturis is secretly planning to avenge his race's assimilation which he blames on Captain Janeway and her brief alliance with the Borg to defeat Species 8472. The USS Dauntless NX-01-A is a Federation Dauntless-class ship that appears to have quantum slipstream drive technology that would allow Voyager to get back home much quicker. However, the ship is a Trojan horse that turns out to be nothing more than an alien ship disguised as the USS Dauntless. The alien Arturis plans to use the Dauntless to lead Voyager into Borg space so they can be assimilated.

The USS Dauntless is part of the Starships Collection of Star Trek vehicles by Eaglemoss. This incredible collection includes all the most significant ships from the five Star Trek television series. Imported from the U.K. with limited distribution in the U.S., these ships are not easy to find for sale in the United States.  

The collection features a full range of Federation and alien vessels including seven incarnations of the Enterprise; all the major Klingon vessels including the Bird-of-Prey; Dominion; Borg; and Romulan ships and is slated to include about 80 ships in total.