Star Trek Retro Tech Backpack

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Star Trek Retro Tech Backpack

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  • Durable nylon tote bag with screenprinting and tri-color applique
  • Double strand handles with faux leather details and reinforced stitching
  • Rugged metal hardware
  • Front zip pocket with custom Star Trek zipper pull
  • Side / bottom rubberized fabric for stability
  • 12” H x 18.5” W x 5” D
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    Companion piece to the Star Trek Ladies wallet. It has inner pockets for additional storage.

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    Solid backpack for not-large loads
    I got this bag for Christmas (because I asked for it) and it's super cool! The one issue I have is that it's actually very narrow. While the amount of pockets and such is comparable to an HP backpack I have, I honestly don't think it would be able to fit quite as much because of that narrow size. That being said, it can fit plenty of stuff, seems to be pretty durable / sturdy, and looks super cool! I don't know that I would buy the whole line of Star Trek Retro Tech stuff, but for this bag, it works.

    The pictures don't show it very well here, but the circles on the straps actually have little bits of elastic fabric in them, that someone could clip things to if they wanted to. The straps also each have a physical metal clip for a sturdier clip. I've never used functionality like that on any backpack ever, so it's not for me, but it is available for those that want it.

    The white round piping around some edges and on the handle is that reflective stuff that looks white / gray at most angles, but if the light hits it correctly it lights up. I think it's cool, but I suppose some people might not like it?

    Since the semester hasn't started, I haven't actually worn / used it extensively, but it feels pretty comfortable so far. Fits well.

    Mine did come with one line of stitches on the pencils & pens holders slightly askew, so one pocket is just narrow enough to not accept anything other than a regular #2 pencil or very skinny pens.
    Review by Felderburg / (Posted on 1/3/2015)