Star Trek Federation Timeship Aeon Model with Magazine #87 by Eaglemoss

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Star Trek Federation Timeship Aeon Model with Magazine #87 by Eaglemoss

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Federation Timeship Aeon Model with Magazine #87



This ship has been painstakingly recreated in die-cast and plastic materials then hand painted with an incredible level of detail. The vehicle also comes with a full color collector magazine. Vehicle measures approximately 5 inches long x 3 inches wide x 2 inches tall (mounted on base).

The Aeon was a 29th-century ship that was used to protect the timeline from anyone seeking to interfere with history. Classified as an Aeon-type timeship, it was capable of traveling through time via generation of temporal rifts. Captain Braxton was the commanding officer of the ship.

The Aeon was encountered by the USS Voyager in the year 2373 in the Delta Quadrant, when Braxton traveled back in time to destroy Voyager.

The fully illustrated magazine includes details on the design of the Aeon ship by senior illustrator Rick Sternbach, as well as a look at how time travel was a recurring theme in the later episodes of Star Trek.

The collection features a full range of Federation and alien vessels including seven incarnations of the Enterprise; all the major Klingon vessels including the Bird-of-Prey; Dominion; Borg; and Romulan ships and is slated to include about 130 ships in total.