Star Trek: Discovery U.S.S Shenzhou Model with Magazine #1 by Eaglemoss

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Star Trek: Discovery U.S.S Shenzhou Model with Magazine #1 by Eaglemoss

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U.S.S Shenzhou Model with Magazine


Star Trek returns 50 years after first premiering with Star Trek: Discovery, the new series from CBS featuring new characters, new missions, but most importantly: new starships! We a excited to present Star Trek: Discovery Starships, a unique collection of die-cast models featuring brand new ship concepts and designs from CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery. Each ship in the Discovery collection has gone through extensive reference study and reproduced for accuracy and detail. Be the first to own the ships from Discovery and rediscover your love of Star Trek. This collection will include at least 20 starships from Star Trek: Discovery.

The first in the series is the U.S.S. Shenzhou Starship. A walker-class Starfleet vessel commanded by Captain Philippa Georgiou. The word “Shenzhou” (神舟) means “divine craft” and has been named in honor of China’s first manned spacecraft.

The U.S.S. Shenzhou model comes with an exclusive collector's mini magazine featuring details about the ship and its design, along with a breakdown of the technology on board that will engage your brain.

The model itself measures 8 inches long by 4-3/4 inches wide and is hand-painted with intricate detail using references from CBS Studios own archives of designs and CG models, made from die-cast metal and ABS plastic, and comes with its own display stand.

Boldly go where no one has gone before and order this fantastic new U.S.S Shenzhou starship.