Star Trek 1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin – The City on the Edge of Forever (2016)

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Star Trek 1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin – The City on the Edge of Forever (2016)

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  • Real Canadian currency

  • 1 oz. pure silver

  • Comes encapsulated and presented in a premium graphic box



Features an iconic scene from the The City on the Edge of Forever episode of Star Trek! Order today!

"All Earth history has been changed. There is no Starship Enterprise. We have only one chance…"
– Captain James T. Kirk, The City on the Edge of Forever

Ask any Canadian Star Trek fan to select their favorite episode and they’ll likely name The City on the Edge of Forever. Premiering on April 6, 1967, it is one of the series’ most highly acclaimed episodes and a true television classic, with a sci-fi based storyline that centers on the implications of time travel.

After a raving Dr. McCoy alters history, Kirk and Spock pursue him through an unusual portal and end up on Earth in the 1930s, where they meet a pacifist whose survival alters the outcome of the Second World War. A doomed love story at its core, the episode provides a thought-provoking commentary on our notions of war and peace; but it is through its blend of suspense, drama, humor and tragedy, as well as its unforgettable dialogue, that The City on the Edge of Forever continues to strike an emotional chord with fans and critics today.

Made for the fans! An unforgettable addition to any collection, and an original gift that will be treasured and valued by the Star Trek fan in your life! Order today!

Special Features:

A TRUE CLASSIC! First of three fine silver coins to feature a pivotal scene from some of the most beloved episodes of The Original Series!

Part of the Royal Canadian Mint’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek—a television series that is beloved by generations of Canadians, and whose vision of the future helped inspire innovation in our time!

The past meets the present in the design: Detailed engraving and cutting-edge finishing technologies bring the characters and setting to life, while the Star Trek font adds an authentic vintage feel to this tribute.

99.99% PURE SILVER! Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, with a limited mintage worldwide.

An official licensed product approved by CBS Studios.



Your coin design recreates a key scene from the 1967 Star Trek episode, The City on the Edge of Forever. Vibrant color brings to life the engraved image of Captain James T. Kirk (played by Canadian actor William Shatner) and Mr. Spock (portrayed by Leonard Nimoy); both in their famous Starfleet uniforms, they stand among the ruins before the oversized, ring-shaped entity known as The Guardian of Forever. Augmented reality technology enhances the overall design, recreating the illuminated qualities of the time-travelling portal that is an object of wonder. Engraved in a special
Star Trek font is the word "CANADA", the face value "20 DOLLARS" and the year "2016".

Did you know…

The City on the Edge of Forever is frequently cited as one of the greatest TV episodes of all time.

The episode was one of four Star Trek episodes nominated for a Hugo Award in 1968, and won for Best Dramatic Presentation; it would be the only television series to do so until 25 years later.

It is also the only Star Trek episode to win a Writers Guild of America (WGA) Award.

It is one of several episodes that were digitally re-mastered, with changes that include enhanced shots of the planet as seen from space.

After several script changes, filming took just a little over a week in February 1967 and cost considerably more than the average budget for an episode; in fact, it was the first season’s most expensive episode produced.