Star Trek 1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin – The Trouble with Tribbles (2016)

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Star Trek 1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin – The Trouble with Tribbles (2016)

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  • Real Canadian currency

  • 1 oz. pure silver

  • Comes encapsulated and presented in a premium graphic box



Features an iconic scene from The Trouble with Tribbles episode of Star Trek! Order today!

"There's something disquieting about these creatures."
Mr. Spock, The Trouble With Tribbles

The product of a Canadian-engineered grain and an infestation of cute, furry creatures are at the heart of one of the most memorable episodes of Star Trek. Titled The Trouble With Tribbles, the 1967 episode features more light moments than the typical episode and as such, is a favorite far beyond the Star Trek fan community.

In this episode, the Enterprise receives a distress call from Deep Space Station K-7 where an irritable Federation official demands they protect a grain known as quadrotriticale. While the arrival of a Klingon ship adds to the simmering tension, Uhura is enchanted with the furry Tribble given to her by a trader named Cyrano Jones. But the lone Tribble quickly becomes many and soon, these rapidly reproducing creatures are all over the bridge, in the food synthesizers and the ducts... They've even gotten into the grain on-board the station, where evidence of sabotage leads to an arrest and the hasty departure of the Klingons—along with the Enterprise's Tribbles, which were transported to "where they'll be no tribble at all."

Made for the fans! An unforgettable addition to any collection, and an original gift that will be treasured and valued by the Star Trek fan in your life! Order today!

Special Features:

A TRUE CLASSIC! Third and final coin in a series that features a pivotal scene from some of the most beloved episodes of The Original Series!

Your coin is part of the Royal Canadian Mint's celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek—a television series that is beloved by generations of Canadians, and whose vision of the future helped inspire innovation in our time!

The past meets the present in the design: Detailed engraving and cutting-edge finishing technologies bring the characters and setting to life, while the Star Trek font adds an authentic vintage feel to this tribute.

99.99% PURE SILVER! Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, with a limited mintage worldwide.

An official licensed product approved by CBS Studios.

About each coin design:

Your coin design recreates a key scene that has remained a fan favorite, even beyond the Star Trek community. Selective color brings to life the engraved image of Captain James T. Kirk (portrayed by Canadian actor William Shatner) in his green Starfleet uniform. He stands half-buried in a pile of small, furry creatures known as Tribbles, which have fallen out of an overhead compartment. Engraved in a special Star Trek font is the word "CANADA", the face value "20 DOLLARS" and the year "2016".

Did you know…

The grain's Canadian origin is a reference to a 1953 breeding program at the University of Manitoba, where efforts focused on developing triticale (a wheat-rye hybrid) as a high-yield, drought-tolerant food crop.

It took eight different takes to capture the avalanche of Tribbles depicted on the coin's reverse.

Hundreds of Tribbles had to be created for this episode, which originally aired on December 29, 1967. Many were sewn using rolls of carpet, with surgical balloons or beanbags stuffed into them. Others were stuffed with a mechanical toy so that their movement could be captured on camera.

The sounds "emitted" by Tribbles are a unique combination of cooing doves, screeching owls and shrinking balloons!