Star Trek Probert Enterprise-C Correction Set – Decal

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Star Trek Probert Enterprise-C Correction Set – Decal

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Water-slide decal
Probert Enterprise-C Correction Set


The Probert Concept Enterprise C Correction Decal Set includes the missing graphics for the forward engineering section and neck, as well as extra windows for the engineering section/saucer for those that need them! The hull panel sets are simple to add to the model. Full instructions will be included!

You will receive the decals ready to apply, all you will need is a hobby knife to cut out the decals and a bowl of water to dip the decals in for 10 seconds before applying to the model. If you have access to Microsol and Microset or another decal adhesive you may get slightly better results, giving the decals a more painted on look. Giving the model a few coats of matte or gloss spray will also help adhere the decals to the model and protect both.

While the folks at Eaglemoss do a fantastic job recreating some of our favorite starships and space stations, from time to time some details are omitted from their final release. In some cases, there might be a minor error that slipped through the cracks.

We are excited to announce our new line of water-slide decals. These decal sets allow you to easily modify your Eaglemoss model and make it much more accurate. Registry conversion sets are available too. These registry sets are a great way to expand your fleet!

While most of these sets are only available as water-slide decals, some are available as simple stickers for easier application. 

We also offer a conversion set so that you can replace the ships name and registry to the USS AMBASSADOR.  NX and NCC registry sets are available. Please see Ambassador NX Registry Decal Set or Ambassador NCC Registry Decal Set for details. 

Decals are very sharp and will not have the Away Mission watermark.