Tampa, FL - February 25-27, 2011

This event took place under our old comapny name Vulcan Events.

To order autographs from celebrities who appered at this event, click here.

Tampa Florida

Show Hours

Friday 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Price Guide


Available at the door.

At the door:

Weekend Gen. Adm.
At the door:

Single Day Gen. Adm.
At the door:



Casper Van Dien - $40

Kilngon Duo - $60

Gowron - $40

Martok - $40

Steven Culp - $30

Pirates Duo - $50

Lee Arenberg - $30

Martin Klebba - $30

Lee Meriwether - $30




To order by phone, call:

401-4-VULCAN (401-488-5226)

Hotel / Event Location Info

Doubletree Hotel Tampa Westshore Airport

Doubletree Hotel Tampa Westshore Airport

4500 West Cypress Street, Tampa, FL 33607

Tel: 1-813-879-4800

Fax: 1-813-873-1832

SPECIAL RATE $99 per night!

To receive our special rate please visit our special Vulcan Events Registration Page

Or call the hotel directly at the number listed above and mention
our group code: "VUL"


Presale is now closed.
All tickets available at the door.

Join us as we roll back the clock on the convention scene!

Remember the convention scene in the old days? Fans would come from miles around just to hang out and party with friends and fellow fans. We came for the camaraderie, the fun, the party. It didn't matter who was appearing. Many times there were only one or two celebrities attending and sometimes none at all. It didn't matter. In the last 10 years or so, conventions have become very "celebrity" driven. If you didn't have a big name celebrity, you didn't have an event. The problem is that these big name celebrities come with a big price tag. In the end, admission tickets had to be so high that many fans just can't afford to attend. In these days of political concern, a struggling economy, health care issues, etc. we need an escape now more than ever.

So we've decided to bring the party back to the convention scene and rollback admission prices. We are happy to announce that there will be only 2 ticket options for this event. Our General Admission ticket will be only $40 for the ENTIRE WEEKEND! Now for those of you that would still prefer the "all inclusive" style ticket, we will be offering a VIP package for under $200 that will include reserved seating up front, autographs, and some other bonuses. See below for details. There will be a VERY limited number of these tickets available. There will be no "single day" tickets sold in advance. At these prices, we expect to sell out prior to the event but if there are any tickets still available the day of the show, we may offer single day and weekend tickets at the door but they will be at a higher price. With our new pricing structure, if you include the Friday afternoon activities, it works out to LESS THAN $20 per day. We haven't seen admission prices this low for this type of convention in almost 20 years! What will you get for $20 per day? All the same perks you love! Access to the celebrity autograph room, yes, we still plan on having six to eight celebrity guests attending our event and partying with their fans! Admittance to the Q&A sessions, panels, games, admission to the dealers' room, auctions and much more!

Celebrity Guests

Due to professional work commitments, John Billingsley and Bonita Friedericy will not be able to attend this event.  John was just cast in the Richard Greenberg play called "The Violet Hour” which opens in February 2011 and runs through the end of March 2011.  Being husband and wife, John and Bonita are a great act together. Their “Burns and Allen” style banter is so hilarious that we have decided to bring them both together to a future event.

Casper Van Dien


Casper Van Dien’s breakthrough role was as the lead in Paul Verhoeven's cult-classic "Starship Troopers". He was also cast in Tim Burton's critically acclaimed film "Sleepy Hollow” with Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci and Christopher Walken. Van Dien also starred as 'Lord of the Jungle' in the film "Tarzan and the Lost City". Casper has starred in over 60 films and television projects. Some of his credits include “Chasing Destiny”with Lauren Graham & Christopher Lloyd, “Modern Vampires” with Kim Cattrall & Rod Steiger, “Thrill Seekers” with Catherine Bell & Martin Sheen, “Personal Effects” with Penelope Ann Miller, “Officer Down”with Sherilyn Fenn, "Big Spender" with Graham Green, "James Dean: Live Fast Die Young" with Robert Mitchum, "The Curse of King Tut's Tomb", and the surprise independent hit "The Omega Code" with his wife Catherine Oxenberg. Recently, Casper starred in “Ace’s N’ Eights” with Ernest Borgnine which aired on ION and is now available on DVD, and he just finished “Mask of the Ninja” for Spike TV. He reprised his role of Johnny Rico in “Starship Troopers Marauder” which is also out on DVD and Blu-Ray. This is a very rare convention appearance for Mr. Van Dien. He will be available all weekend for autographs and photo ops.

J.G. Hertzler - Martok


J.G. Hertzler appeared in the pilot episode "Emissary" of DS9 as the Vulcan captain of the Federation starship Saratoga. He also played the shapeshifter named Laas in the DS9 episode "Chimera", a Hirogen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Tsunkatse", and a Klingon lawyer in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Judgment". He is of course best know for his recurring role of Klingon General Martok. - Mr. Hertzler will be available all weekend for autographs.

Robert O'Reilly - Gowron


Robert O'Reilly has guest starred in numerous television shows, including Cheers, Knight Rider, Sledge Hammer!, MacGyver, In the Heat of the Night, and NYPD Blue, but perhaps most notably (and certainly most repeatedly) as Klingon Chancellor Gowron on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. - Mr. O'Reilly will be available all weekend for autographs.

Martok and Gowron invade Tampa!

One day only, TBA, Mr. Hertzler and Mr. O'Reilly will be appearing briefly as Martok and Gowron
in full make up and costume.
They will be available for Q&A and photo ops. - Details to follow.

Steven Culp


Steven Culp, probably best known for his staring roll on Desperate Housewives as Rex Van De Kamp has appeared in almost every hit TV show in prime time in the last few years. With rolls in Burn Notice, Ghost Whisperer, CSI:Miami, Cold Case, Saving Grace, The Mentalist, The Cleaner, Criminal Minds, Medium, 24, and most recently The Defenders just to name a few. An extremely busy television actor, he managed to maintain recurring roles simultaneously on four series during the 2003-2004 TV season. He played CIA Agent Clayton Webb on JAG; Major Hayes, commander of the MACOs on Star Trek: Enterprise; Speaker of the House Jeff Haffley on The West Wing; and Dave Spencer, one of Dr. Corday's love interests on ER. Culp also played the new first officer on the Enterprise-E in Star Trek: Nemesis. However, the scene was cut before the film was released. It now can be seen in the deleted scenes of the film on DVD. - Mr. Culp will be available all weekend for photo ops and autographs.

Lee Arenberg


Lee Arenberg is best known for his role as Pintel, one of Captain Barbossa's crew of miscreants, in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He is also one of just a handful of actors that have guest starred on all the Star Trek spin-offs Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. With over 100 film and Television credits, Lee had recurring rolls on Seinfeld, Arli$$ and the short lived TV series Action. Lee has also appeared in Friends, Walker, Texas Ranger, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Scrubs just to name a few. Most frequently referred to as a character actor, Arenberg maintains a flourishing acting career — almost 20 years spanning television, stage and film. - Mr. Arenberg will be available all weekend for photo ops and autographs.

Martin Klebba


Martin Klebbais one of the stars of NBC's new series The Cape. He has acted in various productions, most notably Pirates of the Caribbean as "Marty", one of Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl crew, in all three of the Pirates films. He is also well known as "Randall Winston" in the television series Scrubs. Martin has made several guest appearances on Television including Pair of Kings, a Disney TV series, as well as the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "The Chick Chop Flick Shop" as "Dickie Jones", and in the CSI: NY episode "Uncertainty Rules" as "Calvin Moore." He also played "Todd Moore" in the Bones episode "Dwarf in the Dirt" and starred as "Hank Dingo" in the Comedy Central made-for-TV movie Knee High P.I. He has numerous stunt credits as well including Hancock, Zombieland, Bedtime Stories, Evan Almighty, Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, and Van Helsing. - Mr. Klebba will be available all weekend for photo ops and autographs.

Peter David


Peter David is a prolific author whose career, and continued popularity, spans nearly two decades. He has worked in every conceivable media: television, film, books (fiction, non-fiction and audio), short stories, and comic books, and acquired followings in all of them. In the literary field, Peter has had over fifty novels published, including numerous appearances on the New York Times Bestsellers List. He is the co-creator and author of the bestselling Star Trek: New Frontier series for Pocket Books, and has also written such Trek novels as Q-Squared, The Siege, Q-in-Law, Vendetta, I, Q (with John deLancie), A Rock and a Hard Place and Imzadi. He also produced the three Babylon 5 Centauri Prime novels. Peter’s comic book resume includes an award-winning twelve-year run on The Incredible Hulk, and he has also worked on such varied and popular titles as Supergirl, Young Justice, Soulsearchers and Company, Aquaman, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, X-Factor, Star Trek, Wolverine, The Phantom, Sachs & Violens, and many others. For his full biography and bibliography visit his website at www.peterdavid.net.- Mr. David will be available all weekend for autographs.



Lee Meriwether is a former Miss America turned actress. Trek fans will recognize her as "Losira" from the classic Star Trek episode That Which Survives. With over 80 screen credits to her name Ms. Meriwether has had recurring rolls on My Three Sons and Mission: Impossible just to name a few. Likely, her most popular character was that of Catwoman in the original TV series Batman. She also stared on The Time Tunnel and Barnaby Jones and in the "modern day" remake of the Munsters TV series, The Munsters Today where she took on the roll of Lily Munster. - Ms. Meriwether will be available all weekend for photo ops and autographs.

Also Appearing

Lolita Fatjo


Lolita Fatjo spent 15 years working in the writing department for Star Trek: TNG, DS9, Voyager and the first 2 TNG movies.  She started off as an assistant to the writers/producers but quickly moved into the position of script coordinator. During her time there, Star Trek had an open script submission policy. Anyone could send in a script in the hopes of having it produced.  Part of her dudies there was to help process the 13,000 plus scripts that the department received throughout the years. She joins us not only as a panelist and guest but as "Manager to the Stars." For the past 13 years she has represented several celebrities including a few of our guests this weekend. Lolita will be hosting a panel titled "The Past, Present and Future of Star Trek". She's an old friend and is thrilled to be back here in Florida!

John Paladin


Make-up Artist -John Paladin was J.G. Hertzler’s personal makeup artist on “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men” and is the head special effects makeup artist on “Star Trek: Kitumba”.  One lucky auction winner will benefit from his more than 10 years of special effect makeup experience as they are transformed into a Klingon on stage while he shares his knowledge and taking questions from the audience.  While he specializes in Klingon makeup, he will provide guidance and information in general special effects makeup to help all future aliens.  John has also worked as a radio disc jockey, had two records on the country charts and his acting credits range from radio and TV commercials to movies.

Tye Bourdony


Artist -Tye Bourdony is a name some of you out there may be familiar with. A life-long sci-fi fan, Tye is also a free-lance cartoonist and a convention circuit regular, best known for his 'The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi' comic strip, which pokes fun at everything from 'Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century' to 'Star Trek', from 'Star Wars' to 'Battlestar Gallactica', often mixing and matching series and stars to create bizarre and often hilarious cartoons - even 'The Jetsons' has been known to make a shoe-in. Creating sci-fi satires for over ten years now, Tyes' work has been published in several magazines such as Starlog, Parsec Magazine, The Star Trek Communicator, Cracked and most recently Sci-Fi Magazine just to name a few. We are thrilled to announce the release to Tye's first book "The Lighter Side of Sci-fi - The Complete Collection. Tye was scheduled to appear at our last event but at the last minute he had a scheduling conflict and couldn't not attend. We are happy to hear that he will be joining us this year.

Glenda C. Finkelstein


Author - Glenda C. Finkelstein has a wide and varied career as a writer having published song lyrics, human-interest articles, poems, short stories, novels, and screenplays. Her interest in writing was not just a happenstance having a great-grandfather who was a wonderful poet, and aunts and uncles who nurtured her imagination. Inspired by the legendary J.R.R. Tolkien, this art form was a natural course for her to take. She has written one historical novel, but her heart lies mostly with the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre’s where her imagination can soar unhindered. Her writing has won her several awards, and is branching off into new uncharted territories. Her latest novel, “Nemesis Returns,” was published by Aisling Press and marks her sixth book. In addition to her writing, she has ventured into the arena of acting. She voices six of her female characters in the audio adaptation of her novel, “Nemesis Rising,”. The audio version of “The Edge of The Universe” is currently available for podcast on her website at www.glendas-books.com. She also took on the starring role of, Angel Gibbs, in the 33-minute short subject film, “Perfect Copy,” for which she wrote the screenplay. It was nominated for Best Dramatic Short at the Melbourne Independent Filmakers Festival in November 2007.

William Hatfield


Author - William Hatfield is a local musician turned author. His first novel Captive Audience, rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com. Mr. Hatfield will be joining us to promote his new novel Duel Roles, also available at Amazon.com, which is already receiving excellent reviews.

K.L. Nappier


Author - K.L. Nappier. Fast-paced action and smart, stylish writing are the hallmarks of K.L. Nappier's speculative thrillers, mysteries and dark fiction. Some call her style eclectic; some call it cross-over. Moving between genres may keep her books out of the mainstream, but once you've discovered her, you'll realize what thousands of readers already know, and why critics think she's one of the best authors writing independent fiction.



Author - William Mize made publishing history when his novel "Resurrection Angel" was nominated by the Private Eye Writers of America for one of their highest honors, The Shamus Award for Best First Novel of The Year, making it the first Print on Demand book ever to be nominated for a major publishing award. In 2006, he returned to the Print On Demand arena, to bring “Resurrection Angel” and the second book in the series, “Everlasting Life” to the marketplace. With gorgeous new designed matching covers, and a third book “Spear of Destiny” coming soon, it marks the triumphant return of a great mystery writer and inspiration for a new generation of writers who want to use the internet and up to date technology to bring their works to life. William Mize currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he is at work on the next book in the planned twelve book series.

Master of Ceremonies

Marc B. Lee - Our MC!


MC Marc B. Lee is an international Show Host and Auctioneer for a number of events around the world. He was absolutely wonderful as host of our first event in May 2010 and we are thrilled to have him back on board with us. He has been a science fiction fan for over 30 years and his specialized brand of humor and energy has ignited the excitement of every convention-hosting job from here to Europe. Marc’s association with many actors & behind the scenes artists has kept his wit and knowledge on edge and he takes his responsibilities as a party-rouser and pitch man very seriously, realizing how much the average person pays to be entertained. He has worked with well over 300 sci-fi celebrities. After being hired by movie director Dean Devlin and TNT to organize and host a convention in Portland, Oregon based on the television show LEVERAGE, Marc is ready for his next assignment. We are thrilled that Marc was available to join us once again!


Event Overview


This year we return to the Doubletree Hotel Tampa Westshore Airport located at 4500 West Cypress Street, Tampa, Florida 33607. The hotel underwent a $13 million renovation in September of 2009. By February 2011, the convention space will have also been renovated. This year we are happy to announce that we have the entire hotel convention space reserved for us! That means more panels, exhibits, games and more! Located just 5 minutes from Tampa International Airport, it is the ideal choice to host our event. They offer complimentary, 24-hour airport shuttle service which makes it easy and affordable to get to the hotel and they also offer free parking. We are happy to announce that they have extended a special room rate of just $99 per night. In order to receive this special rate, you must use the special Vulcan Events Reservation Page or if reserving by phone, you must mention our event or reservation code "VUL".

Q&A Sessions

Normally held in the main ballroom, question and answer sessions are scheduled throughout the weekend. All of our celebrity guests will have a minimum of 30 minutes on stage during the event. The Q&A sessions give you the opportunity to see your favorite stars on stage and ask them questions in a forum setting.

Autographs from our celebrities guests

All of our celebrity guests charge a small fee for their autographed photos. The fee usually includes a photo that you can select from their table. You can also bring your own items to get signed.
The celebrity guests are normally available in the signing room during the regular convention hours.

Professional Photo Sessions with the Stars

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a professional portrait taken with your favorite star by a professional photographer! Up to 2 patrons can be in the shot and the 8x10 color photo will be ready for you to pick up the same day! All celebrities will be available on Saturday and Sunday for photo ops, except as noted.

Please note: Mr Hertzler and Mr. O'Riley will be in full costume and make-up as Martok and Gowron. The 2 patron limit will be strictly enforced specifically on the photos with the Klingons. With the bulky costuming, there just isn't enough room for more than a total of 4 people.

  • Casper Van Dien and YOU! - $40
  • Klingon Duo - Martok and Gowron and YOU! (Saturday only) - $60
  • Martok and YOU (Saturday only) - $40
  • Gowron and YOU (Saturday only) - $40
  • Steven Culp and YOU - $30
  • Pirates Duo - Arenburg and Klebba and YOU - $50
  • Lee Arenberg and YOU - $30
  • Martin Klebba and YOU - $30
  • Lee Meriwether and YOU - $30

Klingon Feast & The Warped Core

The Warped Core an interactive Klingon experience created by the crews of the IKV Widowmaker and FekLhr's Hoof from Central Florida will be returning to Sci-Fi conventions starting with the Vulcan Events Tampa Sci-fi Convention. It has been a meeting place for all species since its first appearance in 2000, and it was the site of the Sci-Fried Music Videos Klingon Rhapsody and Klingon Woman.
Admiral K'rum (Kim Krummel), Captain Di'larh (Diana Krummel) of the Widowmaker and Admiral KheTara (Christine Evans Arriaga) of Fek'Lhrs Hoof would like to invite you to come and join in all the Klingon festivities. Picture opportunities will abound within.  Learn a Klingon song or how to speak a Klingon phrase.  Check ikvwidowmaker.com for more information on how to become a Klingon. 

Saturday evening The Warped Core will close in order to host the Klingon Feast.  The menu will include Klingon as well as Human dishes that are sure to please even the most delicate appetites. Your meal will be served with all the flair and drama fitting of a Klingon gathering. We've negotiated a great price with the hotel, only $50 per person for a buffet-style, casual spread.

Dress Code? - Come as you are although we encourage you to come in character if you prefer!  

Most of our celebrity guests will be stopping by too!

On the menu...
Gladst, served with and without sauce (garden salad and dressing)
Grilled Targ Ribs with Grapok Sauce (ribs with BBQ sauce)
Mashed Potatoes (there’s one of those human dishes…)
Vegetarian Bregit Lungs (seasonal vegetables)
Bread and Butter (like prisoners on a pirate ship…)
Zilm’kach Pastries (assorted pies and cobblers)
Raktajino, Decaffeinated Raktajino, and Bahgol (coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea…earl gray…hot)

"The Warped Core" is open all weekend and admission is included with your convention ticket except during the Klingon Feast. A separate "Klingon Feast" ticket is required.

Vulcan Events presents our first annual Sci-Fi Swap Meet!

Have a closet full of treasures collecting dust?
Is Spock languishing on a shelf?
Is Darth Vader lurking in your closet?
Well then, this is your chance to get rid of your unwanted action figures, books, toys, etc.

Participate in the Sci-Fi Swap Meet! 

Reserve today for only $99! Your space includes 1 six foot table and 1 weekend general admission ticket (A $40 value for the pass alone). Table space is 6 feet in width and you will have a small amount of space behind the table as well for some shelving, but no wall space so please come prepared.

There are a couple of simple rules to follow: You must not be one of our regular vendors. This offer is strictly for you, the fans. Only one 6 foot table per-person if you need more than 1 table we encourage you to inquire about displaying as a dealer at this event. Items must be of a Sci-Fi or Fantasy or related nature (no household stuff, used clothes etc.). You may not put stuff in front of your tables as you may not block the aisles, but you may use the space beneath your table. That's it. Simple, inexpensive and should be a lot of fun. Tables can be ordered online - just look for "Sci-Fi Swap Meet" in the ticket section of our website. Note: if you have already ordered a ticket to the event you can just pay the difference to upgrade.

If we get a good response we will do this again next year - so come on start digging and see what treasures you may have forgotten you have and join us for a weekend of fun and maybe a little gold pressed latinum for you too!

Writers’ Workshop – Character Development

Catch a glimpse into the infinitely creative mind of the author Peter David as he leads a writers' workshop focusing on character development. Hone your craft or just peel back the thin layer between creator and creation. Take a look behind the scenes at how characters are put together and developed throughout a body of work.

Extreme Makeover: Klingon Edition

We couldn’t have Klingons without someone to make them look good. With more than ten years experience, professional special effects makeup artist John Paladin will be on site to transform one of our lucky guests into a full blown Klingon, complete with cranial ridges and attitude! The transformation will take place live, on center stage with John discussing the details of his craft. Get great information and guidelines to help with your next makeover into someone otherworldly!

Starting Friday night at the registration desk, we will have a silent auction. The person with the highest bid on Saturday at 10 am will be transformed into a Klingon, live, on stage!

More details will be available at the registration desk.

Viva Vulcan Variety Show! - FREE with your weekend ticket!

Saturday evening enjoy a new addition to our convention lineup, the Viva Vulcan Variety Show! With performances by JG Hertzler, Robert O'Reilly, Steven Culp, Lee Meriwether, Peter David, Martin Klebba & Lee Arenberg. Opening act local band and our good friends SCI-FRIED!

Do you have what it takes to be the next Viva Vulcan Variety star? Join celebrity stars in a variety show that includes comedy, singing, juggling, martial arts exhibition, chair sitting, Eskimo Twister…wait…what? Seriously, come show off your talents against our celebrity stars and maybe win a prize! If you'd like to perform please email us ASAP at info@vulcanevents.com!

Mardi Gras Dance – Show us your ridges!

We will round out the night with a Mardi Gras themed dance to tunes from the 50s through today. Something for everyone and beads will be provided. Get into the spirit, dress up, bring masquerade masks, dress up in the traditional purple, gold, and green; but above all, come and have a great time!

Vulcan Team Trivia

Join Marc as he plays host to VULCAN TEAM TRIVIA. Test your knowledge on all things trivial by forming or joining a team and answering questions during 3 rounds of competition. Show everyone around you how much you know about all things current and from the past, tv and movies, politics and geography. VULCAN TEAM TRIVIA is bound to be a convention favorite and gives everyone a chance to find out something they may not have known before. Just one of the many fun games and contests you can expect from us this February!

Additional Activities

The weekend will be busy with plenty of fun-filled activities, including:

  • Costume Contest
  • Panels
  • Auctions
  • Dealers’ Room
  • Crazy Games and Prizes
  • Saturday Night Dance Party

We're going to be doing all we can to make sure that YOU, the fans, have a great time when you attend our events.

We'd like to hear from you. Help us make this the best show it can be. Tell us some of the things you like & want to see at the show.

  • Do you have a panel discussion you'd like to see or participate in at a show?
  • Do you have a favorite game you'd like to see or participate in at a show?
  • Do you want to help out with a panel or game?
  • Do you want to host a panel or game?
  • Do you do any celebrity impersonations or impressions?
  • Are you good at improv?
  • Are you good with costumes?

Please send all requests, suggestions, comments, etc. to our entertainment director George Topper at: games@vulcanevents.com

Please e-mail and let us know what you would like to see. Don't be shy! :-)

Looking forward to hearing from & corresponding with you.

Photography / Video & Autographs

Video and still photography is normally permitted. However, please note that the stars that are contracted for professional photo sessions cannot pose for personal photos. Some guests do not allow videotaping. An announcement will be made at the show, if necessary.

Help us spread the word

We have received so many emails wishing us well and asking how they can help us promote our events. To all we say - Thank you so much!

Our Banners & Flyers page will be up soon with flyers that you can print and distribute or post banners on your favorite blog or website.


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