Tampa, FL - April 11-13, 2014

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Celebrity Guests
Saturday Evening & Sunday Only

William Shatner is a Canadian actor, musician, singer, author, film director, spokesman and comedian. He gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon for his portrayal of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, commander of the Federation starship USS Enterprise, in the science fiction television series "Star Trek" from 1966 to 1969; "Star Trek: The Animated Series" from 1973 to 1974, and in seven of the subsequent Star Trek feature films from 1979 to 1994. He has written a series of books chronicling his experiences playing Captain Kirk and being a part of Star Trek, and has co-written several novels set in the Star Trek universe. He also authored a series of science fiction novels called "TekWar" that were adapted for television.

Shatner also played the veteran police sergeant in "T. J. Hooker" from 1982 to 1986. Afterwards, he hosted the reality-based television series "Rescue 911" from 1989 to 1996, which won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Dramatic Series. He has since worked as a musician, author, director and celebrity pitchman. From 2004 to 2008, he starred as attorney Denny Crane in the television dramas "The Practice" and its spin-off "Boston Legal," for which he won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

Since then he is busier than ever, having recently starred in the sitcom "$#*! My Dad Says," producing and directing two documentaries, "The Captains" & "The Captains Close Up," making several guest TV appearances, and releasing the non-fiction book "Shatner Rules," which is the basis of his one-man show which he performs in select cities around the country.

Saturday - Via Skype

Leonard Nimoy is best known for his Emmy Award-nominated portrayal of Spock, the half Human, half Vulcan first officer and science officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Originating the role on "Star Trek," he went on to play Spock again on "Star Trek: The Animated Series," the first six Star Trek motion pictures, and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episodes "Unification I" and "Unification II." He has also left his mark on the Trek franchise as a director, writer, and producer.

Nimoy returned to the role of Spock in "Star Trek" (2009); it was the first time he played the character since 1991 and was his first live-action film role since "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." He made a further cameo appearance as Spock in the 2013 sequel "Star Trek Into Darkness," making him the only principal cast member of any Star Trek series to appear in eight of the films.

In April 2010, Leonard Nimoy had announced his retirement; however, in February 2011 he announced a few exceptions that included: reprising his role as William Bell on the TV series "Fringe," providing the voice of Sentinel Prime in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," and the voice of Spock in a Season 5 episode of "The Big Bang Theory."

As part of his retirement plans, on October 2, 2011 Mr. Nimoy made his final convention appearance. We are thrilled that he has agreed to make a VERY rare appearance at Away Mission: Tampa via Skype. He will be joining us for a full one hour Q&A! We will also be offering the opportunity to get his autograph. Please see our event page for details.

Saturday & Sunday

Kevin Sorbo is an American actor who, in 1994, shot to fame playing the role of Hercules in the television movie "Hercules and the Amazon Women." This was the first in a series of television movies that served as pilots for the TV series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," which ran from 1995 to 1999. The series was a huge ratings success throughout different countries, becoming one of the most popular syndicated shows in television history and Sorbo's best-known role. He also guest-starred as Hercules in episodes of the spinoff series "Xena: Warrior Princess" and provided the voice of Hercules in the animated movie "Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus," which was released in 1998. During the years playing Hercules, he played his first leading movie role in "Kull the Conqueror" (1997).

After Hercules came to an end, he starred in the role of Captain Dylan Hunt in the sci-fi drama series "Andromeda" from 2000 to 2005. In 2006 he played a recurring role on the final season of "The O.C." and guest-starred in the sitcom "Two and a Half Men." Recently, he has appeared in the spoof movie "Meet the Spartans," which opened at Number One at the U.S. box office charts.

Saturday & Sunday Morning

Saul Rubinek currently stars in the Syfy series "Warehouse 13" as Artie Nielsen, a covert agent employed by a secretive council to recover mystical artifacts with his team. In addition, Rubinek has several other credits to his name. He’s had recurring roles on the TV shows "Leverage", "Blind Justice", "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Frasier", and "The Equalizer". Rubinek also appears in five of the "Jessie Stone" TV movies opposite Tom Selleck. His guest starring roles include "L.A. Law", "The Practice", "The Outer Limits","Stargate SG-1", "Eureka", "Boston Legal" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", just to name a few. Our Star Trek fans will recognize him as "Kivas Fajo" aka the collector, from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Most Toys" in which his character tries to add Data to his collection of the rarest items in the universe.

We are so happy that Mr. Rubinek has been able to step in, on such short notice, as Eddie McClintock’s replacement. Mr. Rubinek will be available on Saturday (all day) and Sunday morning (until 12 noon) for autographs and photo ops.

Help us kick off the final season of Warehouse 13 with one of its stars! The season 5 premiere airs the day after Away Mission: Tampa, Monday, April 14th.at 9PM on SyFy.

Saturday & Sunday

John de Lancie has created many characters during his acting career, and among the most memorable has to be the inimitable "Q," first brought to television in "Encounter at Farpoint," the premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The role he reprised twelve times in ten years over three separate Star Trek series ("Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Deep Space 9" and "Voyager"). He continued to play that character in other media: in the video games "Star Trek: The Game Show" and "Star Trek: Borg;" in fiction he co-wrote the novel "I. Q." with Peter David, and has narrated audio adaptations of several novels, including "Q-in-Law" (with Majel Barrett Roddenberry) and "Dark Mirror." "Star Trek: the Music" was a concert he co-hosted with Robert Picardo that contained music excerpts from the Star Trek TV series and many of the films as well.

Other roles in science fiction drama of note are as Colonel Frank Simmons over several seasons of "Stargate: SG1," as Beka Valentine's Uncle Sid in Gene Roddenberry's "Andromeda," and more recently in the horror thriller film "Pathology," and in the episode "Miracle Day" in the "Doctor Who" spin-off series, "Torchwood."

In the realm of fantasy but defying any other category, he can be heard in the role of the Q-like omnipotent trickster "Discord," who appears in several episodes of the animated series "My Little Pony." Another role that defies classification was in the wildly popular AMC series "Breaking Bad" as air-traffic controller Donald Margolis, who causes a plane crash while grieving the loss of his daughter to a drug overdose.

Together with Leonard Nimoy, in 1996 he founded "Alien Voices," a production company focusing on dramatizing classic science fiction in a variety of arenas. Among those were three one hour live specials: "The First Men in the Moon," "The Lost World," and a Halloween tribute to Poe, Wilde, and Kipling.

Saturday & Sunday

Suzie Plakson is widely recognized for her role as K'Ehleyr, Worf’s mate and Alexander’s mother on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," but not so familiar are her other extraterrestrial portrayals. Her first Star Trek appearance was as the Vulcan Dr. Selar in the TNG episode, "The Schizoid Man," before depicting the half Human, half Klingon warrior in "The Emissary" and "Reunion." Not content with two aliens in her repertoire, Suzie revealed the feminine side of a Q in the "Star Trek: Voyager" episode "The Q and the Grey" opposite John Delancie, and yet another badass as the evil Andorian, Tarah in "Cease Fire" for "Star Trek: Enterprise." No other actress can boast such a variety of alien roles on Star Trek episodic television. Away Mission is delighted to announce that she will be available for photo poses in full Klingon makeup at our Tampa 2014 event!

Other Hollywood assignments have included a number of recurring roles in TV comedy series, such as 1992-1995's "Love & War" in the role of Meg Tynan, "Mad About You" as Dr. Joan Golfinos, and more recently on "How I Met Your Mother," when she played Marshal Eriksen's (Jason Segel) mother. Suzie also appeared on the big screen in movies such as "Disclosure," "Red Eye," and "Wag the Dog." Her distinctive voice can be heard in roles that include Monica Devertebrae on "Dinosaurs" (co-starring Michael Dorn as the voice of The Elders), "Family Guy" and - naturally - "Futurama."

Her artistic creativity is also expressed in writing - especially poetry - and sculpture; examples of her singing can be found at her website at www.suzieplakson.com.

We have just received notice that ALICE EVE is working
on a new project and can not attend The Away Mission.
We are happy to add ST:TNG's DENISE CROSBY to our list for the Tampa show. Denise was gracious enough to make herself available and we are happy to have her this weekend, right after THE WALKING DEAD season finale which featured her in a mysterious role.
If you pre-ordered autograph and photo op tickets for Alice Eve,
they have already been refunded to your credit card. Photo ops for Denise Crosby will be avialable at our registration desk at the event. Autographs will be available at her table.

We have also just been notified that EDDIE MCCLINTOCK will be filming an episode of Castle next week and will not be able to attend The Away Mission. In his place he is sending his co-star on Warehouse 13, Saul Rubinek who plays Artie Nielsen on the show.
If you purchased photo op tickets for Eddie, we will automatically transfer them to Saul.
If you would like a refund or exchange on your photo op ticket, we can take care of that for you at our registration desk, at the event.
Guest Authors, Artists & Panelists

Larry Nemecek's most recent credits include the new Amazon maps/book hit "Star Trek: Stellar Cartography" and appearing as Dr. McCoy in the first two episodes of indie online series Star Trek Continues. Best known as author of the classic "Star Trek: Next Generation Companion" and longtime editor of official Star Trek Communicator magazine and Fact Files UK and Japan, Larry still writes his "Fistful of Data" column for Trek Magazine, guest-blogs at startrek.com, appears frequently on podcasts and Star Trek Blu-ray documentaries, and has released two editions on CD of his hundreds of hours of remastered archival Trek interviews as the "Trekland: On Speaker" series.

Make sure to find time Saturday night for another bonus "Dr. Trek" show of prize trivia, rare clips and late-night tales as a meetup-fundraiser for Larry's true-life "Con of Wrath" documentary project (details coming soon). Larry was credited for the story of the Voyager episode "Prophecy," has made appearances in documentaries like "Trek Nation" and "The Green Girl," and worked as a producer at the original startrek.com. Larry shares two Associated Press statewide awards from his news days—and roots mightily for his Oklahoma football Sooners. Whatever you do, corner Larry sometime over the weekend for some great Trek stories of yore and insights into the franchise future.


Makeup Artist John Paladin has worked in the entertainment industry wearing a variety of hats, including that of a singer (with two records that made the country music charts) and a disc jockey. His connection with science fiction films dates to "Trekkies" in 1997, William Shatner's documentary "Get a Life" (2012), and as the Special Makeup Effects Artist for the web series "Star Trek: New Voyages" for the episode "Tavern Klingon Four" in 2013. He has been the personal makeup artist for J.G. Hertzler and Robert O'Reilly (who portrayed Klingons Martok and Gowron) for more than ten years, as well as the head SFX makeup artist for Star Trek: Phase II Productions' Star Trek episodes "Of Gods and Men" and "Kitumba." In that episode he played the part of a Klingon as well.

His demonstration of Klingon makeup techniques have been featured at conventions throughout North America, and as a guest blogger on the official startrek.com website in the article "How to Transform Yourself into a Klingon for Halloween."


Author Glenda C. Finkelstein has a wide and varied career as a writer having published song lyrics, human-interest articles, poems, short stories, novels, and screenplays. Her interest in writing was not just a happenstance, having a great-grandfather who was a wonderful poet, and aunts and uncles who nurtured her imagination. Inspired by the legendary J.R.R. Tolkien, this art form was a natural course for her to take. She has written one historical novel, but her heart lies mostly with the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, where her imagination can soar unhindered. Her writing has won her several awards, and is branching off into new uncharted territories. Her latest novel, "Nemesis Returns," was published by Aisling Press and marks her sixth book. In addition to her writing, she has ventured into the arena of acting. She voices six of her female characters in the audio adaptation of her novel, "Nemesis Rising." The audio version of "The Edge of The Universe" is currently available for podcast on her website at www.glendas-books.com. She also took on the starring role of Angel Gibbs in the 33-minute short subject film, "Perfect Copy," for which she wrote the screenplay. It was nominated for Best Dramatic Short at the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival in November 2007.

K. L.

Author K.L. Nappier: fast-paced action and smart, stylish writing are the hallmarks of Nappier's speculative thrillers, mysteries and dark fiction. Some call her style eclectic; some call it cross-over. Moving between genres may keep her books out of the mainstream, but once you've discovered her, you'll realize what thousands of readers already know, and why critics think she's one of the best authors writing independent fiction.


Author William Hatfield was born in a small town in northern Michigan, attended Western Michigan University, getting a degree in history and communications. Musical engagements led him to Gainesville, Florida, where he continues to live with his wife Karen, and their two feline daughters, Ebbie and Angie. Rumor has it, he may have grown up, but it seems unlikely. He still plays gigs, but more for therapy than making a living. His first science fiction novel, Captive Audience, was published in 2004. The sequel, Duel Roles, in 2010. Key Notes, a collection of shorts stories from across genres, came out in early 2012. Although science fiction is his favorite, he has expanded his horizons with Menu for Murder, a very quirky mystery based in Key West. Both genres provide the opportunity to create interesting and challenging characters that never cease to amuse and surprise him with their inherent independence.


Author and lecturer Chris Berman might be considered "the accidental author." While recovering from a bicycle versus SUV accident, he wrote his first novel, "The Hive," which invaded American and United Kingdom bookstores in February of 2009. After completing this book he wrote "Red Moon," followed by "Star Pirates;" a new work, "Das Bell," is awaiting publication. As a young boy, Berman grew up on a diet of science fiction from authors such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and John Campbell. Later he added Alan Dean Foster, Ben Bova, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Eric Flint, Harry Turtledove and James P. Hogan to his list of favorites. Science fiction is not his only passion, so is science fact. As a boy, he lived a few blocks from a serious amateur astronomer, who taught him about the stars and planets as well as how to photograph astronomical events and to grind his own mirrors and lenses for telescopes. He is also a spaceflight enthusiast with a good deal of expertise in both the US and Russian space programs.

Master of Ceremonies

MC Marc B. Lee is an international show host and auctioneer for a number of events around the world. He was absolutely wonderful as host of our first event in May 2010 and every show since. We are thrilled to have him on board. He has been a science fiction fan for over thirty years, and his specialized brand of humor and energy has ignited the excitement of every convention-hosting job from here to Europe. Marc’s association with many actors and behind-the-scenes artists keeps an edge on his wit and expands his knowledge. He also takes his responsibilities as a party-rouser and pitch man very seriously, realizing how much the average person pays to be entertained. He has worked with more than 300 sci-fi celebrities. We are thrilled that Marc is available to join us once again!

Away Mission: Tampa

April 11-13, 2014

Hilton Tampa Westshore Hotel
2225 N Lois Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607-2355

We are thrilled to announce our next show is scheduled for the second week of April in sunny Tampa, Florida. We are moving to a new hotel, where the staff is equally excited to have us. Located just a few minutes from the Tampa International Airport, the Hilton Tampa Westshore will serve as our home base for Away Mission 2014!

After taking a break for 2013, we are back sooner than we expected: we missed everyone too much to wait until the fall. So we are back, not just with any Star Trek captain, but with THE STAR TREK CAPTAIN! Joining us are the usual suspects: our incomparable host Marc Lee, panel and costume master John Humplett, Jenny and her peeps running registration and the Away Mission Trading Post, and all of our friends … you included!

We have more guests, special events, and information yet to be announced, so please keep an eye on this page for updates on new convention developments. If you want to be in the know ~ almost before we know ~ "like" us on Facebook: the link to our Facebook page is below, on the lower right-hand corner of this page.


All our celebrity guests will be available for most of the weekend, unless otherwise noted, for autographs in the celebrity signing area. One of the great aspects of an Away Mission is the access you will have to our celebrity guests. We keep our events small and intimate, so you won’t have to wait in line all day only to be hurried though once it is time to get your autograph. At an Away Mission we pride ourselves in a "non-rushed," relaxed atmosphere while you meet your favorite celebrity and receive your autograph. Of course, you won’t be able to tell them your life story, but a simple "Hello, I really enjoy your work," or similar is just fine. Some guests will have more time than others to chat, but please be considerate of others waiting in line. You will have the opportunity to ask them specific questions during the Q&A sessions on stage, if you are interested.

You can visit the signing area to get your autographs at any time throughout the weekend. If the area is too busy, enjoy the other events of the convention and come back later, when it won’t be as busy. There will be plenty of time for everyone to get an autograph, so there really is no need for you to stand in line for hours first thing in the morning. You can probably walk right in later in the day; also, certain ticket packages will get early-access and special line privileges. Please see the Ticket Options section below for details.

Most guests will have photos for signing right at their table, which they may include in the price of the autograph or sell for an additional fee. The Away Mission Trading Post will have high quality photos available for sale of all of our attending guests for $6. You may also bring any item to have signed. Our celebrity guests are usually happy to sign almost any item, as long as it’s in good taste. Please refer to the Autographs section under Ticket Options below for prices and availability.

Leonard Nimoy Skype Presentation and Autograph Signing

Leonard Nimoy will be making a very rare convention appearance via Skype at Away Mission: Tampa. He will be joining us for a full one-hour Q&A session, when he will be taking questions directly from our audience members! We are also happy to announce that he has agreed to sign a limited number of autographs for us privately, prior to the event. We are extending this offer exclusively to the attendees of Away Mission: Tampa. As many of you might know, Mr. Nimoy no longer accepts autograph requests by mail and since he no longer makes convention appearances the demand for his autograph has increased greatly. This may be your only opportunity ever to get a personalized autograph or get your special item signed by this Star Trek legend. You have three (3) options to choose from.

Option 1 - Autographed Photo - $125 - AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT

This option will include a signed 8X10 photo of your choice (signature only). We will have several high quality photos to choose from. You must be a registered attendee in order to participate and order your autograph ticket. We are extending this offer to our Away Mission Tampa attendees only. Please click HERE for complete details.

We will have Leonard Nimoy autographed photos for sale on our website after the event. However, they will be available at a higher price.

Option 2 - Personalized Autographed Photo - $125 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

This option will include a personalized, signed 8X10 photo of your choice. When ordering you will have the option to enter a name or very short note that you would like Mr. Nimoy to inscribe on your photo. We will have several high quality photos to choose from. You must be a registered attendee in order to participate and order your autograph ticket. We are extending this offer to our Away Mission Tampa attendees only. Please click HERE for complete details.

Option 3 - Your Item Autographed - $125 - SOLD OUT

This option gives you the opportunity to ship us your own item to have signed. When we receive your item we will photograph it in the condition in which it was received and catalog it so we can track your item while in our possession. We will personally hand deliver your item to Mr. Nimoy in the days just prior to our event to get it signed and have it ready for you to pick up when you arrive at The Away Mission in Tampa. You must be a registered attendee in order to participate and order your autograph ticket. We are extending this offer to our Away Mission: Tampa attendees only. Please click HERE for complete details.

Photo Ops.

While on your Away Mission, you will have the opportunity to purchase a professional photo op with the celebrities of your choice. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a professional portrait taken with your favorite star by our professional photographer. Your photo is professionally lit in a studio backdrop setting and up to two (2) patrons can be in the photo. Barring any technical difficulties, your 8x10 color photo will be ready for pick-up the same day.

Please note: In order to expedite the process, we will not be able to use your cameras to take the photos but, for a $10 handling fee, we will be happy to supply you with the full-sized digital file.

All celebrities in attendance will be available on Saturday and Sunday for photo ops, except as noted. Consult your schedule for exact times and locations. Please see the Photo Ops section under Ticket Options below for prices and availability.

Q&A Sessions

All of our celebrity guests will participate in at least one question and answer session or presentation throughout the weekend on our main stage. These Q&A’s are considered by many to be "the main event" at an Away Mission. They are held in the main ballroom, and are scheduled throughout the weekend. All of our celebrity guests will have a 30-60 minute segment on stage to give you the opportunity to ask them questions in a formal setting. Many celebrities take some time to fill us in on what projects they are currently working on, what other passions drive them, or what charities they might actively be involved in. In the past we’ve had guests sing a few bars of their favorite show tunes or perform a monologue from their favorite play. You never know what you might see or hear, but it is always quite entertaining.

For those fans attending only one day, or considering leaving early, please consult the schedule that will be posted online a few days prior to the event to ensure that the specific presentation that you would like to see is scheduled on the day and time that you plan on attending.

Panel Discussions

Throughout the weekend we have a number of one-hour panels on a wide range of topics that touch upon the sci-fi/fantasy world. Previous panels included a discussion with author Peter David, where he explained how he develops characters in his bodies of work to aspiring authors in attendance. We’ve had make-up artists and costume designers host make-up demonstrations, transforming an audience member into a Klingon and showing you how easy it really is to costume on a budget. We’ve even had a real life EMT discuss zombie survival preparedness tips. Always changing and never boring, our panels are a great way to interact with other fans, exchange ideas, meet new friends, and join the conversation.

Games & Prizes

Our intrepid gamemaster has fun games with prizes throughout the convention. From Star Trek: Wheel of Fortune to Star Trek: Jeopardy, games offer a great way to relax and just have some good fun while showing off your knowledge of your favorite shows.

Collectibles Auction

One of the highlights of the convention, our collectables auction, has some really rare and sometimes unique items. You might finally locate that treasured item that you’ve been hunting for since your childhood, or the hottest toy or collectible that sold out the minute it hit the shelves. We’ve auctioned everything from collectible plates, autographs, rare action figures and dolls, framed artwork, and even personal items from cast and crew members of Star Trek. Some of the more memorable items have included San Diego Comic Con exclusives, and even included a Star Trek Urn for your eternal rest. Yes, a Star Trek Urn!

During a recent auction, we were taking bids on a copy of the Next Generation script "The Inner Light" that was signed by the author, when out of nowhere Patrick Stewart jumped on stage and hijacked the auction. He explained that this was his favorite episode, because he had the opportunity to work with his real life son. He added that he would also sign the script for the winning bidder. As he posed with the script, the bids soared. When the bidding closed, he signed the script for the winning bidder, right there ~ she even got a kiss on the cheek from the captain himself! You never know what might happen on an Away Mission.

Vendors' Room

While we pride ourselves on not being a vendor-driven convention, we still have a diverse vendors' room where you can browse and shop throughout the weekend. While the sales area may seem small compared to the comic con style events, we carefully select our vendors to ensure that we have a wide variety of products to offer. Possibilities range from tribbles that make the perfect companion to comm badges and pins for your costuming needs; funny and quirky T-shirts; tribbles; handmade, one of a kind pieces that pay homage to your favorite science fiction shows and movies; new and vintage Star Trek and sci-fi toys and collectibles; wait…more tribbles? There’ll be books; trading cards; autographs; props; and even the perfect gift for that closet Trekker back at the office. Our vendors’ room is open all weekend so you can pop in at your leisure. Please hurry, I know I didn’t order this many tribbles!

If you are interested in attending as a vendor, the vendors room is now SOLD OUT. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please email us using the "contact us" link at the top of this page.

Costume Contest

This year, our costume contest promises to be better than ever. Bring your best Starfleet officer, Klingon, Romulan,or Borg...or cross over and bring your best Firefly crewmember, Dr. Who, or even My Little Pony! Our panel of celebrity and expert judges will be naming the best in show so join us in costume or in the audience. Lots of cool prizes ready for the taking!

Be sure to bring a camera. Most folks are more than happy to take pictures with fans!

Project Potemkin Screenings

Welcome Project Potemkin, an exciting fan film series set a few years after Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. The series takes place aboard the starship Potemkin, an up-grated Constitution III-class heavy cruiser. It's on a five-year mission of exploration in deep space where its crew encounters strange new worlds while seeking out new life forms and new civilizations. The Potemkin is an older ship, one of the original twelve. She's been refitted a few times, but she's one of the last of her kind. Its captain, a forty-year veteran of Starfleet, has a unique crew, mostly comprised of inexperienced officers, the occasional cast off from another ship, and a feisty chief medical officer.

Join Executive Producer, Creator and Writer, Randall Landers, as he hosts screenings of the film series throughout the weekend. Check your schedules for time and location.

For more information on Project Potemkin visit thier website at www.projectpotemkin.com

Special Events
Dr. Trek Show with Larry Nemecek

This intimate gathering is all about supporting and sharing the documentary project in progress, The Con of Wrath—seen now as the most infamous event in pop culture media fandom, the meltdown-to-miracle of the "Ultimate Fantasy" in Houston, 1982, Star Trek’s first big all-cast arena “rock show.”

Join Larry for rare Trek clips, the sneak peeks from the doc so far, and the Q&A tales you can pry out of him! Help Larry preserve Trek history while you get a screen credit—and have a bonus blast doing it! Since 2013 was given over to so many new projects, Larry and his team are now ramping up "The Con of Wrath" again to get on with the rest of filming and editing.

The Dr. Trek show is scheduled for Saturday evening. Please check your schedule at the event for exact location and time.

We are asking for a $20 donation to not only get a screen credit, but also a shot at batches of trivia for prizes! And maybe a couple other surprises as well.

Visit Larry's table to pick up your tickets.

*Special note: the donation fee is waived for all Titanium ticket holders!

Skill Focus: Burlesque Presents - Rule 63

Skill Focus: Burlesque is back again and with a brand new show!

Skill Focus: Burlesque is Orlando's premier Nerdy Burlesque troupe. These ladies and gentlemen combine their love of all things geeky with the sass and comedy of old-school burlesque, all while aiming to put on the most epic show you've ever seen. You can check them out on facebook at www.facebook.com/skillfocusburlesque.

Join us at 10PM Saturday night at Away Mission: Tampa for a burlesque interpretation of Internet Rule 63: For any given male character, there is a female version of that character. It's rule #63 Star Trek style! See your favorite nerdy burlesquers as gender-bent versions of fan favorite characters from the Trek universe.

Convention attendees, stop by their table during the day to pick up your presale wristband for $5 or pay $10 cash at the door.

Titanium memberships now include admission to this special event with seating in a private VIP section.

While this classic style burlesque show contains no nudity, it is still definitely an adults only event.

You must be 18 or older to attend.

What you won't get

For those of you not familiar with an Away Mission or have perhaps only attended the "big box" comic con style events, we thought we would give you a little more information on what to expect at one of our events, and what you won’t get.

The Away Mission runs its events as a classic Sci-Fi convention. Our mission is to interact with old friends and perhaps make some new ones. Exchange ideas, information, and opinions freely. Get a chance to meet some of your favorite celebrities and interact with them, maybe get an autograph or photo op. Purchase a few items in our vendors room and overall have a great time. Events like these give us a forum, free from judgment, where everyone is always welcome.

You won’t get to pay to essentially go shopping.
Many "big box" conventions consist of 500 vendors in a giant room with some celebrity guests and artists. They usually have very few, if any other activities or events taking place. If they do, there is usually not enough space to accommodate everyone. At an Away Mission you are paying for entertainment. We do host a vendors' room that will have about 50 vendors' tables that carry a good variety of items for sale. We always have several entertainment events planned throughout the weekend in addition to the celebrity Q&A’s, panels, games, and much more. Most of these are included with your admission ticket.

You won’t get to stand in line all day.
At an Away Mission, every person will have access to all the Q&A’s, panels, games, autographs sessions, and photo ops without having to stand in line all day to guarantee entry. If a large line does form for autographs, you can always come back later in the day when it won’t be as busy. Our photo op lines move along very quickly. If your photo op is scheduled for 1:00 PM, you would line up at 12:45 PM and would most likely be done by 1:30 PM

You won’t have to elbow your way through a crowd of 10,000 or more.
Away Missions are kept small and intimate at 10% the size of the "big box" cons. We will never oversell an event.

You won’t get to park ten miles away, pay $10-$20 to park, then hike in the rain or scorching heat to get to our event or wait half an hour for an overcrowded shuttle.
We have ample parking right on site and it is FREE.

You won’t get treated like cattle in a herd.
At an Away Mission, you’re not just another faceless person in the crowd. While our fan base continues to grow, we try to give everyone individual personal attention. We are always here to take your phone calls and answer every email we receive, any time that you have a question, comment, suggestion, or concern.

We understand that the "big box" comic con events have their merits, too. We are simply pointing out some of the differences that set us apart, that you should be aware of. Many fans that have never attended an event like ours, and thus don’t know what to expect. Once they give us a try they are usually hooked. If you have any questions about our event, drop us a message using the contact form or give us a call at the number listed at the top of this page. Hope to see you there!

Show Hours & Schedule

Friday 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Below is a preliminary schedule. Please keep in mind that there might be slight changes before the event begins. Please refer to the printed schedule when you arrive at the event.

UPDATED - 4/9/14 - 1:15PM

6:00 PM - Tampa Bay - Vendors’ Room Opens - Vendors’ Room closes at 8 PM
Westshore 6 - Kids’ Activities --Hosted by Angel

7:00 PM - Gulf Boardroom - Registration Opens - Registration closes at 9 PM

7:30 PM - Main Stage - Star Trek Continues, Episode 1--Commentary by Larry “Bones” Nemecek

8:00 PM - Bay Boardroom - Game: Wipeout--Hosted by Nick Roche

9:00 PM - Westshore 5 - Open Gaming: Munchkin--Hosted by Katey Sands

9:30 PM - Main Stage - Unlockable Characters Comedy

10:30 PM - Main Stage - Video Presentation

8:00 AM - Gulf Boardroom - Registration Opens - Registration closes at 6 PM
Tampa Bay - Vendors’ Room Opens -- Early Access Titanium and Platinum ticket holders only

9:00 AM - Main Stage - The Away Mission Team Game Show --Hosted by Marc B. Lee
Tampa Bay- Vendors’ Room Opens to General Public - Vendors’ Room closes at 6 PM
Westshore 2-4 - Celebrity Signing Room Opens -- Early Access - Titanium and Platinum ticket holders only
Westshore 5- Starfleet Meeting

10:00 AM- Westshore 2-4 - Celebrity Signing Room Opens to General Public - Celebrity Signing Room closes at 6 PM
Westshore 5- Kids’ Activities --Hosted by Angel
Westshore 6- Panel: Literary Smackdown!--Hosted by the Authors
Bay Boardroom- Game: Hot Potato--Hosted by Nick Roche
Palm- Photo Op: John DeLancie

10:30 AM - Main Stage - Trekland: Between the Cracks --Presented by Larry Nemecek
Palm - Photo Op: Saul Rubinek

11:00 AM - Westshore 5 - Panel: The Marvel Cinematic Universe --Hosted by Allan Lindsley
Westshore 6 - Video: The Night The Stars Fell from the Sky --Hosted by Randy Landers
Palm - Photo Op: Kevin Sorbo
Bay Boardroom - Open Gaming: Munchkin --Hosted by Katey Sands

11:30 AM - Main Stage - Presentation: Sasha Jackson
Palm - Photo Op: Suzie Plakson

12:00 PM - Main Stage - Presentation: Suzie Plakson
Westshore 5 - Panel: Technobabble 101 --Hosted by Jimmy Matthews
Westshore 6 - Panel: Space Propulsion --Hosted by Chris Berman
Bay Boardroom - Game: The Newlywed Game --Hosted by Slacker and The Man
Palm - Photo Op: Denise Crosby

12:30 PM - Main Stage - Presentation: Saul Rubinek

1:00 PM - Westshore 5 - Panel: Are We Alone? --Hosted by Bill Hatfield and friends

1:30 PM - Main Stage - Presentation: Leonary Nimoy via Skype

2:00 PM - Westshore 5 - Kids’ Activities --Hosted by Angel
Westshore 6 - Panel: Alternate Histories --Hosted by Chris Berman

2:30 PM - Main Stage - Autographs and Collectibles Auction

3:00 PM - Westshore 5 - Panel: Zombie Survival --Hosted by Slacker and the Man
Westshore 6 - Video: Project Potemkin --Hosted by Randy Landers
Bay Boardroom - Game: Wheel of Fortune--Hosted by Nick Roche

4:00 PM - Main Stage - Presentation: Kevin Sorbo

5:00 PM - Main Stage - Costume Contest - Technical Call at 4:45 in the foyer outside Salon D.

5:30 PM - Palm - Photo Op: William Shatner --Saturday Only Guests

6:00 PM - Westshore 1 - Autograph Signing: William Shatner--Saturday Only Guests
Bay Boardroom - Game: Jeopardy! --Hosted by Nick Roche

6:30 PM - Salon A - Cocktail Party - Titanium and Platinum ticket holders only

7:30 PM - Room 112 - Dr. Trek Show --Hosted by Larry Nemecek

8:30 PM - Main Stage - Unlockable Characters Comedy

10:00 PM - Main Stage - Skill Focus: Burlesque Presents - Rule 63 - No one under 18 please!

10:00 AM - Gulf Boardroom - Registration Opens - Registration closes at 4 PM
Tampa Bay - Vendors’ Room Opens - Vendors’ Room closes at 5 PM
Westshore 1 - Autograph Signing: William Shatner Opens - Closes at 4 PM
Westshore 2-4 - Celebrity Signing Room Opens - Celebrity Signing Room closes at 6 PM
Main Stage - The Away Mission Team Game Show --Hosted by Marc B. Lee
Westshore 5 - Kids’ Activities --Hosted by Angel
Westshore 6 - Star Trek Continues, Episode 2
Palm - Photo Op: Saul Rubinek

10:30 AM - Palm - Photo Op: Suzie Plakson

11:00 AM - Palm - Photo Op: William Shatner
Westshore 5 - Panel: Literary Smackdown! Part Two --Hosted by the Authors
Bay Boardroom - Game: Eye Guess --Hosted by Nick Roche

11:30 AM - Main Stage - Demostration: K’Ehlyr Makeup Application --Hosted by John Paladin

12:00 PM - Westshore 5 - Panel: The Marvel Cinematic Universe --Hosted by Allan Lindsley
Westshore 6 - Panel: Technobabble 101 --Hosted by Jimmy Matthews

12:30 PM - Main Stage - Autographs and Collectibles Auction
Palm - Photo Op: Suzie Plakson as K’Ehlyr

1:00 PM - Westshore 5 - Strong Female Charaters --Hosted by Bill Hatfield and Friends
Bay Boardroom - Game: Wheel of Fortune --Hosted by Nick Roche
Palm - Photo Op: Kevin Sorbo

1:30 PM - Palm - Photo Op: Denise Crosby

2:00 PM - Main Stage - Presentation: Denise Crosby
Westshore 6 - Panel: State of the Trek --Hosted by Larry Nemecek
Palm - Photo Op: John DeLancie

3:00 PM - Main Stage - Presentation: John DeLancie
Bay Boardroom - Game: Jeopardy! --Hosted by Nick Roche

4:00 PM - Main Stage - Presentation: William Shatner

5:00 PM - Main Stage - Convention Wrap-Up

Ticket Options
Titanium Weekend VIP Package - $799 - SOLD OUT!
Titanium Weekend VIP Package Includes:
  • Shore Leave during your Away Mission with our new Caretaker Service!
  • After you check in to the hotel, beam over to the Titanium VIP lounge where you will be greeted by Away Mission staff persons who will act as your "caretakers" throughout the weekend. During this first meeting, your caretakers will sign you in and hand you your registration package. No waiting in that long line or any line for that matter!
  • Throughout your Away Mission, you will have access to the Titanium VIP lounge where you can relax, let your hair down, enjoy a cold beverage, leave you phone or iPad charging, send a transmission home with free WiFi, arrange to ship your goodies home, etc.
  • Whenever YOU are ready, contact your caretakers who will escort you to the front of any autograph line.
  • Your caretakers will be in the Titanium VIP lounge throughout the weekend, available to personally assist you with anything you need throughout the convention. Need a soda? Can’t find your black Sharpie? Lost your room key? We are there for you!
  • It is too soon to list all of the perks of this package but rest assured we have many goodies in mind for our Titanium guests!
Please note: While you may think you’ve stumbled onto a planet in the Omicron Delta region, there may be some limits to our caretaker service. While we will strive to grant your every need, we will not be able to conjure up giant rabbits, old girlfriends, past rivals, or Don Juan. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • You will also receive a collectable item valued at over $500 that will only be included with the Titanium VIP Package. We can’t give you any hints yet but trust us! We wouldn’t lead you astray!
  • A reserved seat in the first row of the main theater all weekend.
  • Early admission to several areas of the convention throughout the weekend.
  • Admission to a private cocktail party with several celebrity guests in attendance. The cocktail party is exclusive to Titanium and Platinum VIP ticket holders and is open bar! Note: William Shatner will not be in attendance.
  • An in-person autograph from William Shatner redeemable on Sunday.
  • Your autographed item will also be personalized by Mr. Shatner upon request.
  • A photo op with William Shatner and YOU redeemable on Sunday.
  • An in-person autograph voucher for any of our other celebrity guests.
  • A photo op with any of our other celebrity guests and YOU.
  • One T-shirt designed especially for this event.
  • Customized commemorative VIP laminate.
  • $10 off a $50 purchase redeemable at the Away Mission store at the event.
  • Admission to all areas and events throughout the convention.
Platinum Weekend VIP Package - $359 - SOLD OUT!
Platinum Weekend VIP Package Includes:
  • A reserved seat in the first few rows of the main theater all weekend.
  • Early admission to several areas of the convention throughout the weekend.
  • Admission to a private cocktail party with several celebrity guests in attendance. The cocktail party is exclusive to Titanium and Platinum VIP ticket holders and is open bar! Note: William Shatner will not be in attendance.
  • An in-person autograph from William Shatner redeemable on Sunday.
  • Your autographed item will also be personalized by Mr. Shatner upon request.
  • A photo op with William Shatner and YOU redeemable on Sunday.
  • An in-person autograph voucher for any of our other celebrity guests.
  • A photo op with any of our other celebrity guests and YOU.
  • One T-shirt designed especially for this event.
  • Customized commemorative VIP laminate.
  • $10 off a $50 purchase redeemable at the Away Mission store at the event.
  • Admission to all areas and events throughout the convention.
Gold Weekend VIP Package - $219 - 14 LEFT!
Gold Weekend VIP Package Includes:
  • A reserved seat in the main theater all weekend behind Platinum ticket holders.
  • An in-person autograph from William Shatner redeemable on Sunday.
  • Your autographed item will also be personalized by Mr. Shatner upon request.
  • A photo op with William Shatner and YOU redeemable on Sunday.
  • Customized commemorative VIP laminate.
  • Admission to all areas and events throughout the convention.
Bronze Weekend Package - $129 - SOLD OUT!
Bronze Weekend VIP Package Includes:
  • A reserved seat in the main theater all weekend behind Gold ticket holders.
  • An in-person autograph from William Shatner OR a photo op with William Shatner and YOU. (Redeemable on Sunday only.)
  • Admission to all areas and events throughout the convention.
Saturday Reserved Package - $109 - 7 LEFT!
Saturday Reserved Package Includes:
  • A reserved seat in the main theater on Saturday behind Bronze ticket holders.
  • An in-person autograph from William Shatner OR a photo op with William Shatner and YOU.
  • Admission to all areas and events throughout the convention.
  • * Special Note for Saturday Only Ticket Holders: Mr. Shatner’s Saturday photo op session is tentatively scheduled for 6:30 pm and his Saturday autograph session is tentatively scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm. For Saturday only ticket holders, this will likely mean a late night. We are planning on having the photo op photos ready Saturday night but please be aware that it may be well into the evening. Also please be aware, Mr. Shatner will NOT be appearing on stage on Saturday. He will only appear on stage on Sunday. If you purchase a Saturday only ticket, you will NOT be able to see him on stage.
Sunday Reserved Package - $109 - 1 LEFT
Sunday Reserved Package Includes:
  • A reserved seat in the main theater on Sunday behind Bronze ticket holders.
  • An in-person autograph from William Shatner OR a photo op with William Shatner and YOU.
  • Admission to all areas and events throughout the convention.
General Admission Tickets

By popular demand we have just added a VERY limited number of General Admission tickets.

Weekend General Admission - $69 - SOLD OUT!

Saturday General Admission - $39 - VERY LIMITED!

Sunday General Admission - $39 - VERY LIMITED!

General Admission tickets are ideal for those that wish to customize their convention experience and only purchase tickets, autographs, or special event tickets a la carte.

A General Admission ticket does not include any autographs, photo ops or reserved seating but will grant you access to all general areas and events throughout the convention, including but not limited to:

  • Celebrity Signing Room
  • Dealers' Room
  • Panels and Games
  • Q&A Presentations (Possibly "Standing room only")
  • Costume Contest
  • Autograph and Collectibles Auction
  • And much more!

Autographs, Photo Ops or special events that require an additional ticket may be purchased separately.

Photo Ops.
Click HERE for details.

William Shatner - $75

Leonard Nimoy - $110 - $125
Click HERE for details

Kevin Sorbo - $40

Saul Rubinek - TBA

John deLancie - $30

Suzie Plakson - $25

More to be announced

**Autographs are sold at the celebrities table. Cash only please.**
Alice Eve autograph may be pre-ordered online.

Photo Ops.
Click HERE for details.

William Shatner - $80

Kevin Sorbo - $40

John deLancie - $40

Saul Rubinek - TBA

Suzie Plakson - $35

Suzie Plakson in K'Ehleyr makup - $50

More to be announced

**Photo op tickets can be pre-ordered online, by phone, or purchased at the Away Mission registration booth. Cash or Credit.**

Hotel Reservations
Hey Tampa? We’re back!!!! And at a great new venue!

Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore
2225 N Lois Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607-2355
Tel: 1-813-877-6688

$109 per night!

Online Reservations
To receive our special rate click HERE to visit our customized reservation page.

Reservations by phone
Please call the hotel reservation line at the number listed above and mention our group code: "AM414"

This great hotel is only 2 miles from Tampa Airport and has complimentary airport shuttle from 5am-1am. Aside from a heated outdoor pool, fitness center and tennis court, the hotel offers complimentary transportation to Tampa International Airport and various destinations within a three-mile radius, including over 300 shops and restaurants. Plan a shopping trip to the International Plaza and Bay Street, just across from the TPA airport hotel, or Westshore Plaza Mall complex, only a mile away.

Make a vacation out of it! Take advantage of our great rate: tack on a couple of days to your trip and go on an extended Away Mission! The hotel is a short drive from glorious Gulf Coast beaches. Take the kids to the Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo featuring an impressive selection of species unique to Florida. Enjoy rollercoaster rides at family-friendly Busch Gardens Tampa, just seven miles away.

Another great benefit of staying at our host hotel: as many of you know, our events go on late into the evening Friday and Saturday nights. Not to mention that our celebrity guests have been known to hang out and have fun with their fans at the hotel bar or restaurant. Just ask the guys who enjoyed Long Island Iced Teas with Christopher Lloyd late into the evening or those who were part of the piano sing-along with Bill Hatfield in the hotel lobby or even a few who worked out with Casper Van Dien at the hotel's gym. Think of all the experiences that you'd miss out. Why would you stay anywhere else?

Now, this is a slightly smaller hotel than what we are used to and we are pretty sure that we are going to sell out and FAST! The hotel will likely be at full occupancy that weekend. Make your reservations before it is too late! - Don't hesitate and reserve today! Our room block is already more than 95% sold out!