Thank you all for our most successful event to date!

There are currently no new events scheduled. 

As many of you know, The Away Mission does not host annual events or events on a set schedule or timetable. We host them when we feel the time is right, when a particular guest is available, etc.  In the past we have hosted 2 events in one year, one time we skipped a year entirely.  Please keep an eye on this page for further details, if / when we announce a new event.  At this time we are not sure if / when this might be.  Our feeling is that Away Mission 2014 will be a tough one to beat. If it turns out that it was our last, we feel confident that we went out with a bang! We will be on the road, working the convention circuit as vendors for now.  We hope to run into you all out there very soon!

Live long and prosper,
"The Away Team"

Thanks for an incredible event