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  • William Shatner's Get a Life!

    “William Shatner's Get a Life!” succeeds where last year's “The Captains” failed.   That is not to say that “The Captains” was bad, by any means. It is just that you had to be a Trekker in order to appreciate – or even understand – the documentary, which was both produced and directed by Shatner. He returns to both roles for this effort, which essentially flips that film on its head and shows “Star Trek” from the perspective of the people who have made it one of the most popular science-fiction franchises in history.   In “William Shatner's Get a Life!,” Shatner – who played Captain James T. Kirk from 1966 to 1969 (and reprised the role several times thereafter) – examines the mystery, longevity and the cultural phenomena of “Star Trek” and its long-obsessed fans. Continue reading

  • Scott Bakula and Marina Sirtis on Star Trek

    "Star Trek" is ever-present in society and it was certainly present at the Saturn Awards. We got to speak to "Star Trek: Enterprise" star Scott Bakula, who played Captain Jonathan Archer, and Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Deanna Troi, about the new film and what the franchise means to everyone. Continue reading

  • Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton!

    According to, Wil Wheaton was born 40 years ago today in Burbank, California, with the name Richard William Wheaton III...I can see why he goes by Wil! Continue reading

  • Trivia Time: Films of the 1950's

    From graphic designer Stephen Wildish: the Films of the 1950's Alphabet.

    How many do you know? Answers tomorrow!


    Click continue to view answers. Continue reading

  • I'm Batman! But how much is that costing you?

    The folks over at have it all worked out down to the last penny. Continue reading

  • Patrick Stewart Gets Torched for the London Olympics

    Patrick Stewart has boldly gone where a several have gone before...but it's still pretty damn cool!

    "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "X-Men" star Patrick Stewart took to the streets of south London on Monday as one of the bearers of the Olympic torch running up to the 2012 Olympic games. Continue reading

  • Today in 1972...

    Launched 40 years ago today, ERTS (Earth Resources Technology Satellite) was launched from the western test range in California. This is the very early precursor to the technology that would one day bring us Google Maps Continue reading

  • Joss Whedon Stars In ‘Scary Smash’

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at Blurppy.

    Title have you a bit confused?  Joss is a director right?  You know, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and a lil popular movie he just did called ‘The Avengers‘ are part of his portfolio.  Well now you can add acting.  Joss is the main character in a new video on YouTube called ‘Scary Smash’.  Don’t expect any intricate plots or special effects.  Scary Smash was written by a 5-year-old and is part of a new Web series called “Written by a Kid” that premiered on the YouTube channel Geek & Sundry last week. Continue reading

  • The Dark Knight Rises’ 3D Street Art

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at The Fire Wire.

    Located in Madrid, Spain this street art is dizzyingly and cool. It looks like you can jump right off the rooftops into Gotham City!

  • Man of Steel Trailer

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at The Fire Wire.

    In two new emotional trailers for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel, we get the same images but different voice-over from the character’s two fathers — Kryptonian biological father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Kansas farmer and adoptive dad Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner.) The narration from the two men offers sharply different points of view — one based in fate, another based in choice. Continue reading

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