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  • I'm a Captain not an Emcee!

    Captain KirkCaptain Kirk himself in the form of Chris Pine will join Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs on Jan. 15 to reveal the contenders for the 87th Academy Awards. The pair will announce the following categories:

    – Best Actor
    – Best Actress
    – Best Supporting Actor
    – Best Supporting Actress
    – Cinematography
    – Costume Design
    – Directing
    – Foreign Language Film
    – Makeup and Hairstyling
    – Original Score
    – Adapted Screenplay
    – Original Screenplay
    – Best Picture

    Keep your fingers crossed: Pine is a contender for Into the Woods!

  • The Rebirth of Elegant Horror

    Nappier Away Mission Hannibal Photo: Robert Trachtenberg/NBC

    The Rebirth of Elegant Horror

    Does "elegant horror" seem like an oxymoron to you? It shouldn't. There was a time when horror shared the same literary and theatrical heights as classical romances or tragedies. Then somewhere on the timeline of intelligent entertainment history, mainstream horror veered. Went not so much the way of erotica as porn, if you will.

    Now, for me, particularly cinematically speaking, one of the great harbingers of the return to elegant horror was actually billed as a sci-fi flick. Bet you know which one I mean: Ridley Scott's Alien. Some may argue that The Exorcist holds the honor of beginning the rebirth, but I see that classic as being a hallowed outlier, a rebel in a rising age of schlocky living deads, shocky chainsaw massacres and scream-queening slasher nightmares that still, of course, rule a considerable kingdom of gruesome.

    Is it weird, then, that I -an author often billed as a horror writer- never learned to love the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween or Saw? Well, not really, when you consider that my early influences were Edgar Allan Poe and Rod Serling. It's true that the morés of Poe's and Serling's times repressed the grotesque. But I believe, even if that were not the case, they still would have insisted that the gore serve the story. Not the other way around.

    Which brings me back to our modern times and why I feel we are enjoying a new age of elegant horror. Literarily speaking, it's been coming for a while now. Consider Guillermo del Toro (whether in books or movies, dude kicks elegant horror ass), Thomas Harris, Anne Rice and Peter Straub. Now, don't be snippy because I didn't include Stephen King. I am a great admirer of Stephen King. He is legendary. But I don't believe his work can be defined as elegant horror, even though some very elegant horror movies have been made based on his novels.

    Cinematically speaking, today's return to elegant horror occurs more often on the small screen  than the great, silver one (if you can call today's t.v. screens small these days): The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, my personal favorite Hannibal and even the Netflix yawner Hemlock Grove fits the mold. Were you a fan of Dexter? I can see that.

    So. What's my point? My point is that there is, and always has been, a large audience enthralled with the kind of horror that cuts deeper than a meat clever or a chainsaw; that probes softer, more vulnerable parts of our humanity than mere muscle tissue and organs. The old masters understood how to do that. So do the contemporary masters, and I am in absolute and bizarrely chilling heaven to see the literary and cinematic worlds come to their senses and embrace them.

    * * * *

    Think you might be a closet elegant horror fan? Here's some of my favorites to cut your teeth on...or deeply into your soul:

    Movies: The Exorcist, Alien, The Shining, Rosemary's Baby, Pumpkinhead (much ignored and underrated), Let the Right One In (the original Swedish flick), Let Me In (the British/American version of Let the Right One In), The Silence of the Lambs, The Sixth Sense, The Others

    TV series: Hannibal, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story

    Authors: Thomas Harris, Anne Rice (particularly her earlier works), Peter Straub

    * * * *

    K.L. Nappier is the author of "The Full Wolf Moon Trilogy", "Voyagers", "Strange Eight" and other supernatural thrillers and dark fiction. For more information, go to

  • Won-Over Fan Grrl: or Why I'm Not Worried about Star Trek 3's Directorial Leadership

    JJ Abrams and the cast of Star Trek: Into Darkness JJ Abrams and the cast of Star Trek: Into Darkness

    I admit. Back in 2007, I had my doubts when I heard that the iconic Star Trek fable had been entrusted to a director who -by his own admission- was never a fan. I was disappointed and skeptical.

    Not that I didn't love J.J. Abrams' work, both as director and savvy producer. I was a stone cold follower of "Lost." I got a kick out of  "Mission Impossible III" and "MI: Ghost Protocol." Heck, I even loved the critically maligned "Cloverfield." And if you haven't seen the 2008 vid of Abram's TED talk...well, you really, really should. It's a great one.

    Nor was my reaction colored by Abrams' original preference for the "Star Wars" saga. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the two great "Stars" of modern mythology co-exist peacefully and have countless cross-over fans; I, included in the horde.   Continue reading

  • Space The Gallery Show Curated By Mike Mitchell Open At Gallery1988

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at The Fire Wire.


    Mike Mitchell just announced an upcoming show at G1988 (West) that he’ll be curating. The show will celebrate the past, present and future of space exploration and the awesomeness that is the universe. Continue reading

  • Custom Home Theater--Just $2 million!

    *Note to self, make $2 million so can get me one of these!*

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at The Fire Wire.

    Elite Home Theater Seating provided a sneak peek at their new $2 million dollar “Dark Knight” themed custom home theater that is being built for a private residence in Greenwich, Connecticut. Continue reading

  • The Cost of Being Iron Man

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at The Fire Wire.

    If you thought it was expensive being Batman, check out’s infographic for the expenses that Iron Man faces. Continue reading

  • I'm Batman! But how much is that costing you?

    The folks over at have it all worked out down to the last penny. Continue reading

  • The Dark Knight Rises’ 3D Street Art

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at The Fire Wire.

    Located in Madrid, Spain this street art is dizzyingly and cool. It looks like you can jump right off the rooftops into Gotham City!

  • Man of Steel Trailer

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at The Fire Wire.

    In two new emotional trailers for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel, we get the same images but different voice-over from the character’s two fathers — Kryptonian biological father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Kansas farmer and adoptive dad Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner.) The narration from the two men offers sharply different points of view — one based in fate, another based in choice. Continue reading

  • See The All New Iron Man 3 Armor

    -- Courtesy of our awesome friends at The Fire Wire.

    Today at Comic Con, Marvel added a new Iron Man Suit to it’s booth. The brand new set of armor for Iron Man 3 can be seen below. Continue reading

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