Big Bang Theory Raj Stress Doll

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Big Bang Theory Raj Stress Doll

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Great way to relieve stress with this Raj 5.5 inch stress doll.


Whether it's the creepy guy he becomes after he's had a couple of drinks, or the creepy guy he is with his weird obsession with his dog cinnamon, Raj reminds us of that really nice yet somewhat off friend we all have? This stress doll features Raj wearing his traditional vest and his wide-eyed, optimistic expression. He's so cute, just want to squeeze him! The figures measure approximately 5.5” and is made of a soft, squishy material. The Big Bang Theory TV show has become wildly popular and continues to make us laugh every week. Revolving around Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstetter's relationship, the show includes their friends and colleagues Howard and Raj, Leonard's on-again off-again girlfriend Penny, Sheldon's "girlfriend" Amy Farrah Fowler, and Howard's wife Bernadette. Collect the whole gang!